Executive Recruiting | Career Coaching | Small Business Branding | Generational Diversity
Shira Harrington is a Gen-Xer who has spent the last 20+ years helping employers and job seekers connect with purpose. She’s done this through executive recruiting, career coaching, and generational diversity keynoting. Her epiphany came in December of 2013 while sitting on her grandfather’s couch in Toronto. She was suddenly, and overwhelmingly, moved to tears by the plight facing long-term unemployed Boomers, some of whom were her coaching clients. She knew something had to be done to change the face of their job search. So for the next 2 years she shared her vision with anyone who would listen, until she found Katherine Hoehn, a Boomer who shared her passion and desire to help Boomers move from barely surviving…to thriving in this new gig economy.

Grant Writing | Relationship Building | Managing Coalitions | Fundraising | Staff Development | Baby Boomers Rock!

Katherine Hoehn is a “gig” worker herself, with a range of repurpose-able skills in grant writing, event planning and fundraising. She understands the world of work and has been learning to navigate the highs and lows of self-employment. She understands that her long-term financial stability will actually come from her ability to work with multiple clients, rather than rely on one company to keep her employed. Instead of worrying when her employer will need to downsize her position, she has the freedom to look for the next gig to keep income steady.