Can you hear the silent tsunami? There is a crisis unfolding that is affecting someone you know – maybe even you. 

Despite low unemployment rates, there is a growing catastrophe – the sidelining of millions of experienced professionals. Aged out of their careers, their income streams are drying up, as is their hope for a W-2 job, a long-assumed source for financial security. 

Jill is 59, has an M.B.A., and is a recognized expert in her field, yet has been underemployed since her layoff in 2017. She is faking normal and making trade-offs every day. Rent or heat? Food or medicine? 

It’s time to empower experienced 50+ professionals to self-generate income., a 501(c)(3) program of the United Charitable Foundation, equips professionals 50+ to transition into freelance work and small business ownership. We’re dramatically shifting skillsets and mindsets through practical educational programming, access to critical resources, and vigorous community building. 

You can accelerate financial independence for people unexpectedly eclipsed from the workforce. 

Your partnership toward our $1.5M fundraising goal makes these FREE services available to a nationwide audience.

  • 12-session Bootcamps creating a concrete roadmap toward self-employment
  • Access to experts in the fields of self-employment and business development 
  • Ongoing skills training and networking through regional Meet Up groups
  • Educational resources such as videos, an e-book, blogs, and podcasts 
  • A digital platform connecting self-employed and freelance professionals with employers 
  • And more!

Donate today. Your gift of any amount will provide life-changing financial freedom for thousands of 50+ professionals. 

Please invite friends, colleagues, and family to invest in a viable solution to combat this growing financial crisis that impacts all of us. 

With gratitude,

The BoomerWorks Volunteer Team