we Are excited about the future!

BoomerWorks is revolutionizing the way in-transition professionals ages 50+ generate income. 

Becoming income resilient requires solutions to overcome the traditional W-2 mindset and invigorate career paths for millions of sidelined workers. 

BoomerWorks provides educational programming, training, access to resources and community building  - all of which takes funding. We are a 501(c)(3) program of the United Charitable Foundation, and rely on the financial support from our valued donors – like you! 

Our fundraising goal of $250-300K by the end of 2019 will support  programming to enable professionals ages 50+ to transition successfully into freelance and small business ownership. 

To foster a growing and supportive movement of self-employed professionals, we will provide ongoing learning, resource sharing and mutual accountability, along with care for the emotional and financial needs of the whole person. 

Following on our highly successful 2018 Bootcamp, we are planning two 12-session Bootcamps in 2019 to provide education and tools for entering the freelance economy. In addition, we have launched and will continue to support Meetup groups throughout the Washington, DC area to build networking and support for those preparing for freelancing.

To support our national and global expansion, we will, over the next three years, provide:

  • “BoomerWorks in a Box” instructional videos and curriculum that will be used by qualified facilitators at live regional courses and Meet Up groups
  • Forums for nationally renowned authors and speakers who are experts in the field of self-employment and business development 
  • An E-book on how to enter the freelance and small business economy
  • Newsletters and updates on BoomerWorks activities and the progress of our community 
  • Blogs, videos and podcasts on a variety of freelance and small business topics
  • Ongoing skills training focused on the use of technology and social media to support full engagement with the evolving marketplace

In addition, we plan to build a digital platform that connects professionals with each other and with employers eager to retain the services of a flexible workforce.

Please join us today in making a difference in people’s lives and livelihoods. No donation is too small.