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Periodically, we hear about short-term assignments, which we will post in this section. While the position might be filled quickly, we will keep assignments on this site in case you would like to connect with the employer about future work. 

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Election Day temporary jobs 

November 6 is Election Day. There are election officers, clerks, assistants, voting system specialists and other temporary jobs (titles may change by jurisdiction) available in most counties/cities where voting takes place. These temporary jobs also include training, which is also usually paid time. To find out what the requirements are for your city or state Google “election jobs [name of city or county], [name of state].” Positions may not be in your assigned polling place so be sure to register to vote absentee if you are chosen to work.

Most of these jobs - eg. Florida and VA - pay $125 - $250 a day plus $25 per training (sometimes by the hour).

Here is a link for Fairfax County, VA: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/elections/election-officers/working