Gig Economy

Launching into the Gig Economy!

Whether you’re entering the “gig” (aka freelance) economy for short-term cash or long-term income security, there are important steps to consider along the journey.

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    Where do I start?

  • Define your “lane(s).” This should be a professional skill (or set of skills) that you can repurpose into short term gigs or a long-term business.
  • Determine if you have a “tribe.” Decide if you want to target an industry or mission where you know the challenges you can solve, and have an established network.

    How do I decide what to offer?

  • What do you do extremely well? Determine your “superpowers.”
  • Find the urgent problem. Solve problems that are time sensitive and can’t be done in-house.

    How do I market myself?

  • Decide your UVP (unique value proposition). What makes your skills special?
  • Research competitors’ websites. Learn from how others brand themselves.
  • Nix your resume. It’s usually not needed for gig work.

    Where do I find clients?

  • Use “On Demand” websites. Check out some examples on our Fast Cash Options list!
  • Create a simple website. GoDaddy’s “GoCentral” web builder is quick and easy.
  • Engage in social media / blogs. Great way to offer continual value to customers.
  • Become a speaker. Lots of local networking groups have regular speaking slots.
  • Attend networking events. See below for specific networking tips.
  • Schedule networking coffees with “alliance partners.” Network with your tribe.
  • Do great work! Best way to get referrals.

How can I make the most from networking events?

  1. Always dress in professional attire.
  2. Bring business cards.
  3. Introduce yourself while standing at the food / coffee table
  4. Develop an elevator pitch.
    • One for people in your tribe / lane who will “get” what you do.
    • One for person “on an elevator” who likely won’t “get” what you do.
    • Only share more detail if they ask.
  5. List where you met them on back of their business card.
  6. Follow up next day. Send a LinkedIn invitation + a coffee request.
  7. It’s about building a relationship NOT asking for business!
    • People do business with those they know, like and trust.
    • Earn the right to ask for something by asking first how you can help them!
    • Be a “go-giver,” not a “go-taker”

    How do I negotiate contracts?

  • Ask an expert. Download David A. Fields’ Sample Consulting Proposal. Also make sure to sign up for his e-newsletter. It’s terrific!
  • Research the internet. Search phrase: “negotiating a freelance contract.”

    What are the operational steps I should consider?

  • Register as an LLC or S Corp. Consult with your accountant.
  • Create a simple website. (See above “Where do I find clients?”)
  • Create business cards. Vistaprint or Moo are great choices.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Showcase the gig skills you can offer.
  • Hire an accountant. Unless you are one already.

    What about health benefits?

  • Check out FreelancersUnion. This nonprofit was started to provide gig workers with health benefits (and other types of support.)
  • Check out ehealth. This is an online benefits broker that offers a range of health plans especially for singles and families.