Boomerworks meetups


Join us for a DISCOVERY Meetup where you’ll explore this growing model for self-generating income, in a safe and encouraging environment. 

In this FREE 2-hour session, you’ll… 

  • Learn about the shifting workplace trends fueling the rise of self-employment, especially for professionals age 50+. 
  • Begin to repurpose your traditional W-2 skills and personal passions into potential new, monetizable activities 
  • Connect with other like-minded professionals to start building your self-employment community 
  • Learn about additional resources (tools, articles, coaches, organizations) to support your self-employment launch


  • You’re beginning to explore the idea of self-employment but don’t know where to start
  • You need or want supplemental income now or to prepare for current or future unemployment 
  • You’ve been self-employed in any capacity and want to re-energize your business model


Your Meetup Facilitator

This session is hosted by a seasoned BoomerWorks facilitator with experience in various aspects of self-employment. The facilitator will likely NOT be able to answer all questions; rather they can brainstorm with you and suggest additional resources.

The Format

The session will begin with participant introductions, followed by an interactive presentation about self-employment trends, then a partner exercise to help you repurpose your skills, and conclude with a group Q&A.

Patience is a Virtue

Given that participants have different levels of understanding about self-employment, please be patient with those who may have less knowledge than you. Better yet, offer up your pearls of wisdom!

Stay Positive

We appreciate the potential emotional transition to self-employment if you are experiencing the loss of a W-2 career. While this is perfectly normal, to foster an environment of positivity, the facilitator will help the discussion stay focused toward future possibilities. 

A Note About Taking Notes

As a volunteer organization, we rely on public spaces for our activities. Since this may preclude the use of AV or Wi-Fi, please come prepared with a notepad.

Pack Some Snacks

Please bring a water bottle and snacks, if needed, since refreshments may not be provided.


  • As space is very limited in some of our facilities, we require registration to attend. The cost is FREE; however, we invite you to consider a donation in any amount to help us defray administrative costs. 
  • If you are attending our Laurel Meetup, please register through our BoomerWorks Meetup page in addition to POAC.


NOTE: All BoomerWorks meetings target professionals age 50+; however, they are not age-restricted.