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Inspired by short, instructional videos, our FREE  facilitated MeetUps will educate, inspire and encourage you to connect with your peers in a safe learning environment.  Our goal is to help you create a realistic plan to launch your freelance or small business.  

Below our list of MeetUp Facilitators, you'll find an evolving array of these videos. While they can be viewed independently, we highly recommend watching them in a small group setting, as there are discussion questions at the end.

NOTE: We are about to host a series of MeetUp groups in the Washington, DC area following our successful Summer 2018 Bootcamp (pictured here.) If you would like to join our mailing list to be alerted of upcoming MeetUps, please click on the "Get Involved" link below.

**In late 2018 / early 2019 we plan to host another multi-week Bootcamp. 

Topic 1: The Big Shift

 Exploring the emotional shift from traditional work to self-employment.  

Topic 2: Looking Inside Yourself

Repurposing your W-2 skills to solve the urgent business problems of your target market. 

Topic 3: Connecting to the Market

Discovering your unique value proposition and creating a brand strategy. 

Topic 4: Engaging Your Customer and Network

 Learning how to connect with customer prospects and alliance partners. 

Topic 5: Creating Your Infrastructure

An audience-driven session addressing  operational topics to help you launch and grow. 

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Katie Bergmann

Michael Butera

Ken Schoppman

Polly Vail

MeetUp Videos

Shira Harrington discusses how to begin to shift your mindset to the exciting world of self-employment

Shira Harrington shares a technique for repurposing your W-2 skills into freelance or small business ownership.

Angela Heath shares her perspective on repurposing your W-2 skills as well as the first steps on how to launch your business.