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What is Repurposing?

It might involve moving heavy rocks. Recently I hauled at least one ton of large rocks from my neighbor’s yard to raise the sides of my pond to deter my chocolate lab and one-year-old grandson from uninvited swimming. My neighbor needed the rocks moved and I saved hundreds of dollars by meeting both of our needs and repurposing the rocks.

Repurposing work skills happens much the same way. Skills may no longer be needed in an existing location but may meet needs elsewhere if a good match is found. Whether rocks or job skills, they can benefit owner and recipient.

The first BoomerWorks Boot Camp workshops focused on repurposing skills with individuals who had all been in the professional arena in various capacities but lost their jobs for reasons other than performance. They needed to rethink their careers and what skills they could repurpose to bring them sustainable income and meet unmet needs.

Our first workshop revealed the many skills this small group had to repurpose. Very quickly, they used their creativity to plan for short and long term sustainable income in unique ways:.

• One person got her Project Management certification to better use her organizational skills.

• Another decided to repurpose her administrative skills to start an executive services business for busy professionals.

• A capable and gracious hostess will be hosting dinners with speakers as an income source.

• A government relations professional started an LLC and is doing consulting work for multiple clients.

Are you in a place where you need to repurpose your skills? Consider starting by answering these questions:

1. What is the urgent problem, facing my target client, that I am in a unique position to help solve?

2. What are my super powers? What makes me different from my peers? What do I do extremely well?

Once you identify what you have to offer and what urgent problem you can solve for your target client, you are well on your way to a happy repurposing. We can’t wait to see where our first workshop cohort will be in six months.

The BoomerWorks "Boomer Boot Camp" is a five-session series of workshops presented in Tysons Corner, Virginia. They are free of charge and offered monthly. Participants have been unemployed for at least a year, are at least 55 years old and open to Gig work instead of traditional full time employment.

If you live in the Washington, DC area, or can use Skype, and would like to participate in a future Boomer Boot Camp, please let us know!
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