We are a nonprofit program revolutionizing the way experienced people think about generating income. As an alternative to traditional W-2 employment, we empower in-transition professionals ages 50+ to shift to freelance and small business ownership. We are a fiscally sponsored program of United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.


Being one of the most powerful and experienced generations, numbering more than 80 million, we are leading a paradigm shift in the way experienced professionals earn income.


We're igniting a movement that fosters self-employment through educational programs, networking opportunities, career coaching, resources and community building.  Join us for our next Washington, DC area MeetUp!

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Envisioning a Brighter Financial Horizon

We believe there is hope for the silent tsunami of people who are financially unprepared to retire. 

Did you know…

• 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day

• 2/3 of baby boomers plan to work past age 65

• Nearly 30% of households ages 55+ don't have  any retirement savings

We're empowering people to overcome a shrinking social safety net and workplace ageism. As a societal issue that affects every generation, we are on the forefront of solutions to turn the tide towards income resilience. 


The Rising Need for Self-Employment

As employers continue to cut costs (and jobs), a flexible workplace is emerging that includes the rise of freelancers, contractors, part-timers, consultants and small business owners. 

BoomerWorks is harnessing the wisdom of experienced professionals to transition to this new economy. We're helping them shift their mindsets and repurpose their skill sets in every professional sector to create viable income streams for as long as they want or need to work.

Partner with us to embrace this revolutionary new paradigm. 

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Inspiring and Empowering a Global Community

We are currently launching FREE MeetUp groups  and multi-week BootCamps in the Washington, DC area with the aim of scaling nationally and globally. As we expand, we plan to create a vibrant online community with access to ongoing educational programming and self-employment opportunities.

Whether you're ready to launch or grow your freelance or small business, volunteer your talents or contribute to our cause, we invite you to join us on the journey!

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Testimonials From 2018 Bootcamp

"Boomerworks took me from a basic unawareness of the gig economy to a rough, yet concrete plan, for starting my own business. The sessions gave great information but the hidden gem, in my opinion, are the meetup groups. Each time the group met, my peers and a coach reviewed my concept and next steps, giving me informative feedback and encouragement, along with concrete suggestions. Attending Boomerworks was the best move I could have taken to moving forward in my career transition." 

-Ruth B.


"The sessions were very informative.  The exercises definitely helped point me in the right direction. The volunteers were invaluable during the meetup sessions; especially when you break out into small groups.

You could not get enough good information attending Boomerworks." 

-Mark F.


   "I really think it was spectacular... I will recommend it to anyone who is in the space where they need to reinvent themselves." 

-Lydia B.  


 I found the Boomerworks workshop exciting and inspiring. The way in which the sessions were structured afforded me the time to fully immerse myself in each lesson and then carry those principles into the next topic. I was able to learn and build knowledge, which in the final session resulted in an almost full-fledged business idea and plan. 

-Tony B.