Our Founder's Story

It began in December of 2013, when Shira Harrington, a generation-Xer, had a divine epiphany about the wave of destitution facing a large segment of people ages 50+, who at the time were largely baby boomers. She knew first-hand about this impending crisis because as a career coach, recruiter and generational diversity expert, she consistently witnessed highly skilled, long-term unemployed workers in financial straights that forced them into bankruptcy or living with their elderly parents or adult children. 

It moved her to tears. And to action. 

Realizing that this generation paved the way for her own, she began to understand the power of intergenerational partnerships. Excitedly,  she talked with anyone who would listen to her vision. Then one day, it clicked. Katherine Hoehn, a "poster child" for this boomer cohort, and one of her coaching clients, became her co-founder. Together, they piloted two Bootcamps in the summers of 2016 and 2017 until Katherine relocated to Florida to care for her elderly mom. One of their Bootcamp participants, Ann Happ, enthusiastically stepped in.  

Today BoomerWorks is a growing group of committed volunteers who are paving the way for experienced professionals ages 50+ to become income resilient.


BOOMERWORKS Leadership team

Ann Happ, Program Manager


Sharon Kneiss, Advisor


Karen Addis, Communications


Haidee Hanna, Marketing


Katherine Hoehn, Blogger


Dabney Kerr, Fundraising